Discovering the Charm of International Style

Discovering the Charm of International Style Aug, 2 2023

Unveiling the Mystique of International Style

When I first delved into the world of International Style, I must confess my ignorance: I thought it was about fashionable tweed blazers, berets, and drinking espressos in quaint European cafés. Oh, boy, how wrong I was! It's so much more! Telling my misinterpretation to my kids Drake and Rowan got me that "Dad, you're so uncool" look. Yes, the world of International Style is indeed about sophistication, but it's more about the style in architecture, design, and art. Let's dive in together into this mesmerizing and diverse world. Each step of this astonishing journey seems to be filled with “Oh, I didn't know that!” moments. Buckle up; it's time to explore the charm of International Style.

Gauging the Genesis: The Birth of International Style

A fascinating journey into International Style cannot start without a peek into its origin. This unique trend marked the 20th-century architecture and design world with its minimalist approach, reflecting the societal and cultural shift towards practicality and modernity. It's like the best form of chocolate: simple, uncomplicated, and a treat to the senses. Of course, when explaining this to Benji, my poodle, his response was a wag of his tail and a look of "human, you're making no sense" in his eyes. Even in his canine way, he seemed to appreciate the simplicity inherent in International Style.

The Bold and the Beautiful: Characteristics of International Style

Just as my kids have distinct traits - Drake’s absolute love for science, and Rowan’s passion for painting - International Style too possesses defining characteristics. Like a signature perfume, these traits make it stand out. Think symmetry, think functionality, think a gorgeous rejection of unnecessary ornamentation. It's like that perfect cup of coffee: strong, rich, and without the frivolous whipped cream on top. I love how these unique International Style features contribute to an aesthetic, which whispers elegance in the most unpretentious manner.

The Masters of Elegance: Influential Figures in International Style

If we're talking about International Style, how can we ignore the maestros who've made it what it is today? From Le Corbusier to Walter Gropius, these gifted individuals have painted the canvas of the 20th-century urban landscape with their innovative ideas and creative genius. It’s like watching an orchestra perform. Each architect, like every musician, brings unique elements to the ensemble, creating a mesmerizing symphony of style and practicality that still echoes today.

The Protruding Pioneers: Noteworthy Buildings of International Style

One summer, my kids and I embarked on our own architectural adventure, exploring the expressions of International Style in the form of iconic buildings. To say the least, we were awe-struck! from Villa Savoye in France to the Seagram Building in New York City, these masterpieces embody the less-is-more philosophy, like the cool minimalism of a sleek, black suit. They stand as testimony to the innovative spirit that is inherent to International Style.

The Indelible Impact: How International Style Influenced Modern Design

International Style has left an indelible impact on modern design, much like the impact the Beatles had on music. It has challenged the norm, shattered conventions and sown the seeds for a new approach to designing our world. The thoughtful layout of your local mall, the harmony of your office space, even that simple yet stylish chair you love so much at home - you can thank International Style for that.

Embracing Elegance: Incorporating International Style in Daily Life

Exploring International Style can be a life-altering experience, it certainly has been for me. It has made me appreciate the beauty of simplicity I see around me every day. I even attempted to incorporate some of its principles into my own home decor. The result? An awe-inspiring realm of minimalism and functionality that my family, kids, and even Benji, came to adore. Yes, incorporating International Style in our lives is not an arduous task. A small change here, a rearrangement there, and you will be amazed at what you can achieve.

So there we are, you, me, and the charm of International Style. It's a world of endless possibilities and breathtaking simplicity. And as a fellow adventurer, I'm right there with you, exploring, discovering and loving every moment. Here's to the charm of International Style – a threshold to a world of minimalism, functionality, innovation and undoubted charm.