About Macklowe

Aug, 2 2023

Our Philosophy

Macklowe Art & Architecture is founded on the belief that the worlds of art and architecture are intrinsically linked, each one enriching the other in endless ways. With dedication to this philosophy, we have curated a vast resource that touches every aspect of these two disciplines. Our goal is to foster an understanding that art and architecture are not mere forms of expression, but are fundamental components of our history, culture, and everyday lives. Through extensive research, we bring our audience insights into architectural innovation, design trends, and the evolution of art from ancient to contemporary times. We believe in an interdisciplinary approach that opens a dialogue between artists, architects, scholars, and the general public. Engaging with our content, users can expect a journey through the magnificent stories and structures that have shaped our aesthetic environments.

Who We Are

At Macklowe Art & Architecture, we are a team of passionate creatives, historians, and writers dedicated to exploring the interplay between art and architecture. Our collective expertise spans the gamut of artistic eras and architectural movements, allowing us to offer a rich perspective on these subjects. Whether examining the minute brushstrokes of a Renaissance painting or the grand designs of modern skyscrapers, our meticulous attention to detail ensures that our content is both informative and insightful. We endeavor to share our love and knowledge of art and architecture with all who visit our site, from students and professionals to casual aficionados.

What We Offer

The Macklowe Art & Architecture website is a treasure trove of information, featuring in-depth articles, thought-provoking discussions, and high-quality images. Visitors can dive into topics such as the symbolism in art movements, the melding of form and function in iconic buildings, and the future directions of urban design. We continuously update our collection, ensuring that it reflects the latest scholarship and trends in the art and architectural worlds. Moreover, our site is designed to be a platform for learning and exchange, encouraging users to share their insights and engage in conversations that may lead to new ideas and discoveries.

Our Impact

By bridging the gap between art and architecture, Macklowe Art & Architecture serves as a catalyst for inspiration and innovation. We believe that by providing access to quality resources and fostering a community of enthusiasts, we contribute to a greater appreciation of the arts and the built environment. Our extensive archive not only educates but also inspires professionals to push the boundaries of creativity and design. Our commitment to excellence and our role as a hub for the exchange of ideas posits us as a leading voice in the global conversation on art and architecture.

Connect With Us

Ours is a collaborative community, always eager to hear from those who share our passion for art and architecture. If you wish to contribute, collaborate, or simply share your thoughts, you are heartily welcome to reach out to us. Whether it's to discuss a potential article submission, provide feedback on our content, or inquire about partnership opportunities, we are here to listen and engage. Please feel free to email Theodore Wilkinson at [email protected] or visit us at our office located at 345 Carleton Avenue, Ottawa, ON K1Y 0J8, Canada.